What is Textie?

Textie™ Messaging is a mobile application for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android that allows people to send free short messages and photos.

What does it mean that I am getting messages from people "via Textie"?

Someone who has your address or phone number has used it to send you a private message through Textie, just as they might do with their email application or mobile phone.

Can I block someone from sending me messages?

Yes. If you have received a text message or email, you can simply reply with the word "block". The person will no longer be able to use Textie Messaging to reach you at that address or phone number.

Can I reply to a message from Textie?

Yes. Your reply will be routed back to the sender.

Message to a U.S. phone is not delivered?

Please check the SMS status page: http://textie.me/sms

Why do Textie message return email addresses look funny like "John_Doe_h4qv24ls8n@textie.me"?

To make a long story short, this is an anti-spam measure. Coded addresses are unique and cancellable if spam is reported. These addresses are not intended to be shared. Each address you send to from Textie gets its own code for replies that will not change until cancelled.

Why are some Textie messages going to my email or phone instead of appearing in my Textie app?

You may need to register the email address or phone number in the account settings of your Textie app.

Can I get Textie for Blackberry or Google Voice?

Not at present. Textie is only available for iOS and Android.

When will Textie be able to send messages to international phone numbers?

We are looking into ways to offer this for free. For now please use people's email addresses instead.

Why do the SMS text messages from Textie sometimes contain strange numbers?

Textie sends text messages through email gateways so that sending unlimited text messages can be free to our users. The formatting of messages depends on the recipients' mobile provider. Verizon and T-Mobile recipients, for instance, will always show a routing email address at the top of the message.

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